Starting Fresh

Following on from a month or two on an alternative dating site I am coming off to pursue new experiences with someone I have met from the site, referred to here on in as “The Gentleman”.


The point of the blog is not to detail the meets between us, but to discuss my thoughts and feelings as I go from having quite a quiet and unfulfilling sex life, to a hopefully rich and fulfilled one. I have a sexual bucket list, and I am looking forward to ticking things off the list.


If I can work out how to, I will try and add the list on here, and I will keep it updated as I either cross things off or add things on!


So welcome, as you join me on my adventure!

8 thoughts on “Starting Fresh

    1. Hi Joe

      Thanks for the question, I have learned over the years that what I desire physically changes, however my most constant is a man who is chunky, bearded, taller than me and not bigfoot hairy, but not smooth. Not being a small person myself, I like feeling small in a mans arms.

      Hope this helps!


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