Let’s go outside 

One of the benefits of growing up in the countryside in the late 80s – 90’s is that I grew up loving the outdoors. I grew up in a village that had a lot of hills and woods and fields to explore. 
These days that translates to fantasising about fucking outside in the woods. I want to be strolling through the woods hearing nothing but the sounds of nature and leaves crunching underfoot, with a man as frisky as I am, touching me, kissing me, pinning me against a tree, or bending me over a fallen tree trunk, pushing me to my knees on the earthy ground… there’s a lot of scope for fun out there. 
Of course, you have to balance the practicalities of wearing a skirt or something with easy access, so you could correct your clothing if someone were to come across you. What I should do is make friends with someone who has a private estate for me to frolic in. Then again, being caught is part of the thrill. 
What if you were taking an innocent walk one day and saw people getting it on? Would you watch? Walk away? Make your presence known somehow? Try and join in? I think I would like being watched, I do have an exhibitionist streak that I would like to explore 

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