Social media 

Social media is a minefield these days. I think I have been around for almost all of it, I remember being asked if I was on Facebook before it was available in the U.K., I think it was still only available to university students still, which was a long time ago. 
I’ve had a MySpace (hacked into my old profile a few years back and realised just how cringe I was back then) I have Facebook, LinkedIn is one I haven’t tried yet, I remember such hype about google+ being the last word in social media, a genuine rival for most platforms out there. I remember being desperate to try it, signing up as soon as I could… it sucked! I’ve had a twitter account for years but am only just working out how to use it, over 300 followers now and growing daily, all since I set up this blog.
Messaging wise you have kik, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, iMessage and more, the named ones I use to a degree. What I’m just figuring out is how to use them to get myself and my adventures out there. I think I’m going to add Snapchat to my posting ritual. There is difficulty in this, as I will not be revealing my face, but like with everything else, I’m sure I’ll find a way around it. I want to be more visual and this could lead into further adventures. 

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