Rainy Day

One of the most dramatic kisses I ever had was in the rain. I was in Weston-Super-Mare with my new boyfriend, meeting his family and we split off for a few hours to have a look around. Looking back on the pictures I can see the storm clouds looming in the distance. I had never seen rain like it, it was truly torrential. We stopped in a shop and got an umbrella as it had started spitting, when it truly came down we couldn’t find shelter, so we huddled up against a wall under this weak ass umbrella, both of us holding on. He gave up and pinned me against the wall, kissing me with all his might. We got drenched, of course, the water was running down the wall and we didn’t notice. 
I like a touch of the dramatic, I can imagine sex in a torrential downpour would be amazing, slippery and primal. 
Probably catch a cold though. 

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