When you have a vivid imagination I think it’s difficult to get through the day without having at least one “JD Moment”. If you’ve never seen scrubs (umm, why?!) the main character, JD, is quite the daydreamer, often imagining funny scenarios involving other doctors, nurses, patients or others, usually with his head cocked to one side and ending his daydreaming with a line that makes no sense to anyone around him. 
I experience a fair few of these moments, mine are usually pornographic, either based on porn I have seen or fantasies I have had, sometimes recalling encounters but imagining them in different ways. 
I think having such a vivid imagination makes sexting so much easier, I’ve never been one for talking dirty on the phone, much rather have text or type based. I might spend some time researching tonight, I’m wondering if a web based sex line exists and how popular it is, not a cam chat but purely sexting. Possibly with pictures. Might be able to make some money with my imagination. 

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