Checking my messages

This evening I shall be repeating my post from yesterday, by sharing my thoughts as I go through my messages. I posted a diary on the website yesterday expressing how I was unable to get inspiration to continue writing my short story and that I was feeling a bit lonely, so some messages will refer to this.


I haven’t been getting many opportunities to check my account while I have been out and about lately, so its a once a day thing, other than when I pop on and see something interesting. First thing I do is delete the winks and favourites. I am one of those who see it pointless, so I don’t look at them, but as they get in the way of messages sometimes I like to get them out of my way. This leaves me with 42 messages. A couple have been marked as read already, as I saw a couple earlier that intrigued me. So oldest message to newest, lets go!


  • Did I enjoy the view? Oh! this is someone that posted a diary asking if he was ugly. no face pics, couldn’t judge, moved on.
  • Heyyyyyy – no
  • what does “separated” mean, anyway? divorce pending? no info on profile but have asked for more, looks like an ok guy
  • another one I remember from before, just a message of support, I’ll say thank you, as its nice he took the time.
  • hmm lots of different angles to his cockshots, I think he’s proud of it, looks a bit angry to me (can a cock look angry?!) lives a long way away, he knows it, just wanted to express admiration. Sweet.
  • what am I looking for? another one that doesn’t read a profile. I have read his, just looking for one night stands and lives 100 miles away. nah.
  • *sigh* already sent the not interested response on this one, maybe second time’s the charm
  • “why is a sexy woman like you lonely” – Because that’s the luck of the draw, sweetcheeks.
  • damn, this one looks quite nice, 251 miles away though. nope.
  • I like this one, he asked about my writing and has read my blog now (Hey M!) I’ll just respond to this one
  • hmm, challenge accepted, I’ll send this one a link to the blog.
  • “Love ur tits send ur number” – 666
  • ooh another writer! I’ll respond to him, he’s paid attention.
  • do I want to watch him wank his hard throbbing… nah, good mate, cheers!
  • this next guy wants wild sex with a fit girl.. that’s just not me.
  • I cant put my finger on what I don’t like about this guy, I’m moving on
  • Apparently I need a young man to play with – I’ll settle for a man. Not you though.
  • I just laughed out loud, this man messaged me last night asking what I blog about, I sent him the link and he seems to have liked it, not having much exposure to blogging. (Hey D!) replying here.
  • another guy that likes my tits. I’m thinking of starting a fan club.
  • this one is rather interesting, nice message! replying.
  • I think I am going to write a separate blog about this kind of message, its a story, a scenario.
  • This one wants to go for a drink but hasn’t filled much in, asked for more info.
  • The next gentleman wants to inspire my story further. Its inside me waiting to come out, its a real story, so needs no inspiration.
  • ooooh this guy likes adult breastfeeding. Each to their own, I would never judge someone for their kinks, but that is not one for me. Politely declining.
  • Its one of my old favourites! I really respect this guy, his profile is top notch and his pictures are hot as hell! Replying.
  • *just interjecting – David Bowie – As the world falls down is playing. One of my all time favourites*
  • Ahh S, a reply here.
  • unhappily married. Nope.
  • ooh this guy has kind eyes. I’ll say hi

Realised its running quite long, I would like to go to bed! More tomorrow. Comments always welcome, if anyone wants 🙂


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