Tuesday Night Bonus Post!

My impression is that people are enjoying the insight into a woman’s brain, so I’m going to let you all in on round 3! 49 messages unread, plus a few that I have read and responded to throughout the day, so its a long slog, I’ll ty to only blog the interesting/funny ones.


  • I think I might tally the boob comments I get, my profile picture is the same as the one here, so I understand that that is all they have to compliment me on, still…
  • Ok, its official, I am a Sexi Princess. My lifelong ambition has been fulfilled!
  • Do I like big cocks? Hmm…
  • How do you say that I liked you, but now I don’t, without sounding like a bitch?
  • Do I like a younger man? 22. I would squash you like a bug.
  • Ooh Devon, a stones throw from Cornwall…
  • hmm, looks ok but I just can’t deal with really skinny guys! Where are all the dad bods at?!
  • Hello again A! Thanks for reading!
  • I think this guy (who wants me to make an old man happy) low key just asked me to an orgy.
  • *WARNING  – BITCH MOMENT* I looked at a profile, probably because of a diary, and now I have a “Did you like what you saw” message. No. I did not. Last time this happened I sent a record 15 “not interested” messages before blocking the guy.
  • I asked this guy what site he was on (as all profiles from a lot of different “hooks” seem to end up in the same place, he’s said POF. That’s weird. I didn’t know that fed onto here
  • Quizzing M on dogging now, never known how it works really. This dude is awesome!
  • No, you cant tempt me to chat, waaaaay outside my age range
  • go home, roger! (points if you get the reference)
  • seriously, FILL IN YOUR PROFILE!
  • what does “sponsor a meeting mean”?! Is this another orgy invite?
  • how does one know if ones tits taste as good as they look?! Oh no, its Mr Kind eyes from yesterday! strike one..
  • THIS DUDES COCK IS HUGE! I swear its reaching his knee! Jesus, how do you have enough blood in your body to power that thing?! Cheesy message though.
  • I’m curious to know if this guy has a face, or is just a floating chin and chest. I think he is proud of his chest. Fair play to him.
  • A gym bunny. I have absolutely nothing against them, they just make me feel so lazy!! This guy wanted to meet today/tonight… oops! Sorry Bunny Man!
  • I must be hunting for treasure, because I am digging that chest. need I say more?
  • Oh I have reached the “read and move on” section. Nothing much interesting here.
  • I spoke too soon, this one is interesting. Good interesting. He gets a response.
  • Oh god I went from promising to vomit inducing. 

Having to stop now as my laptop has forgotten how to connect to the internet! Until tomorrow! 

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