According to WordPress, I have now been posting on here for a month, I wanted to start today by thanking each and every one of you that has ever read this blog. Without you I wouldn’t have the faith in myself to keep writing, it means more than I can say.


Today I spent some time with a friend on my lunch break, distracting him from writing his review and reading him some messages and giving him a live version of my blog. He found it hilarious, possibly because he gets my humour more than most people I know. Its with his urging that I am going to do round 4 of my message reading. If you are getting bored of these posts please let me know, don’t be shy! I’m going to go from newest to oldest today, I posted a diary this afternoon about how cold I was (my twitter followers also got the same message) and as a result I currently have 74 unread messages, not including the ones I read while on my way home. Its going to be a slog tonight!

  • Ha! This guy doesn’t like winks either. Too far away though, which seems to be true for most guys calling themselves a Dom.
  • I think this bellybutton is huge, gaping.. its freaking me out
  • why do guys always seem to describe themselves as cheeky? All that means to me is that you are going to be asking for nudes within 5 messages. nope.
  • This guy is nice but I am not feeling a spark, happy to chat to him but it wont be going further, I have now said this and I hope it doesn’t offend him.
  • If the only thing that appeals to you is my boobs I don’t think I want to talk.
  • oooh this guy unblocked me! I sent a “not interested” response to him as his entire profile was in text speak, I just cant deal with that, it gives me a headache! He came straight back to my response saying “if you don’t like black men write WHITES ONLY on your profile”. Baring in mind I have absolutely no racist bone in my body (The Gentleman is black) this really pissed me off. I went to respond and he blocked me! – Rejected.
  • It’s D again. I like this guy, I already have his name picked out for posts if we meet!
  • A really lame attempt at being funny. Out of my age range. Nope.
  • Angry cock guy is back, despite the distance. Would a man really travel from Manchester to Salisbury to get laid?!
  • This guys dick looks like a stick on dildo.
  • “I love hard nipples” and I cannot lie…
  • This guy is into older woman, but I am 2 years younger. Looks like the sort of guy that would describe himself as cheeky.
  • This is someone I was talking to before I deleted my old profile, he has a picture of a long ladder on his profile. I remember asking him a lot about the ladder. I wonder if he realises its me…I remember liking his face.
  • M! always a pleasure to see you in my inbox! I may just graduate you to text…
  • *Smoke Break*
  • *retch* “Mmmmmmmm seeing pokies really turns me on”
  • A really long message. With my name in it. Hmm. Replying.
  • M replied! Distracting me from my inbox, shame on you 😉
  • Another “Cheeky”!
  • This one wants to hang his coat on my nipples.
  • Boring
  • Boring… a string of boring.

Must go, getting close to sleep time! Another fun evening, hopefully I will be inspired enough to write you all a proper post tomorrow!



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