Dogging. It’s an activity that has always been a curiosity. In principle I love the idea, I’m a fan of the way it plays out in my head. I like the idea of being blindfolded and left bending over a car bonnet, waiting for people to come and take advantage. Now, I’m no stranger to car sex, the Gentleman and I had a fun afternoon parked up in his car, my former fuck buddy and I probably fucked in/on his car more than we did a bed, so the idea doesn’t repel me, for sure! 
My only concern is that up until now, my search has been exclusively for someone I have chemistry with. I need to work on being less fussy, or else my bucket list is going to be untouched forever. Baring in mind I want to be the only woman in a bunch of men, the chances of finding, what, 5-6 guys that I find attractive, want to participate and find me attractive enough to do so, are quite slim! 
I was discussing this with M last night who suggested rocking up and watching to start with, which is a great idea, but I couldn’t go alone. Firstly I don’t drive, so that makes it infinitely harder, also I guess I wouldn’t trust that I would be safe. Anyone have any experience in this area that would care to share? 

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