Restless Soul

Today has been one of those days where I haven’t been able to settle. I have been at work, doing the same old shit that I do day in day out. You can set your clock by my routine. 11am everyday I go for a smoke break. Today when I mentioned to my friend I was restless he asked what I wanted to do more than anything else in that moment. I said Write, and I meant it. I wanted to be exactly where I am right now, listening to music and the sound of the keys clacking. My music is a bit of a weird one, I have an old iPod in a docking station, I need to get an adapter so I can put my phone on it, but I just haven’t had the inclination. This iPod is limited in terms of what I have on it, a playlist I built to fall asleep to, the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, the Love Never Dies soundrack and some of my favourite show tunes. Oh and Lifehouse, always Lifehouse.


I spend a lot of time building playlists, probably more time than I spend actually listening to them! Last year I built a playlist of songs for my 30th birthday party, I spent SO LONG on this playlist, picturing us all sat around the garden, singing along to 90’s pop, rock and some 80’s for good measure. I cant remember a single song playing.


I am getting quite frustrated with writing on my phone, I have an old netbook somewhere that I am thinking about wiping and taking to work with me, so when I am on lunch I can sit and get the words out of me, I have to work out if I can tether my phone to it well enough to get some internet so I can post, I have so many messages on the dating site that require a proper, lengthy response, but I just don’t have the willpower to sit and type it on my phone. I could always do it on my iPad, but really its still the same problem!


Discovered today that through my benefits system at work I can take courses in subjects and get a diploma at the end of it. There is one called “Blogging and Content Marketing” that looks quite interesting, also one called “Social Media Marketing”. I think both of them could be helpful, especially if I decide that I want to try and make something of this blog. Whilst I know that I set this up to be a place to discuss and verbalise my journey, I am beginning to realise this, to me, is becoming a lot more. There is also a diploma in Personal Beauty, which I am thinking could be a good idea, as I have never really got the hang of this “girl” thing. Right now I would rather have the extra 30 minutes in bed than get up and put makeup on, despite having SO MUCH MAKEUP! I swear its a compulsion to me, I just cant help buying it!


I am thinking about getting some new pictures tomorrow, I realise I have been lacking on the photo front this week, I promise to do better!

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