Shopping Day

So as it has seemed like a long time since I last got paid, I have treated myself to some new bits and pieces today. My main motivation was to go to Primark and buy all the things. All the Harry Potter things anyway. And not all of them, just some of the home bits, I wanted to get my friend a housewarming present and I wanted to get myself the potion bottle fairy lights. There was none of it. I wanted the Gryffindor hoody, they only had it in small and medium. I still got a few things though, in my attempt to start being more of a girl I got some bits for my beauty box. I also got underwear, lots of underwear. Thongs and Brazilian cut mainly, I will be wearing them in future pictures!

I headed to Ann Summers next, where I was chatting to a really helpful lady who convinced me to buy a Magnetize Clit Stim, which demo’d really well, keep a look out for future mentions of this, I will be reviewing properly at some point in the cumming week… haha.. see what I did there?!

I took a little trip into a few other shops, I was looking for a game guide for the Witcher 3, as I want to get ALL missions done in that game, they didn’t have it though, I’ll keep looking. Into Tiger Tiger next, I love that shop, an entire place of things I never knew I wanted, but have to have right away! I was sensible though, I made it out with a notebook, a few pens and a new charger for my phone. I had to get the notebook so I could write notes for the courses, not that I don’t have many, many other notebooks, but still, it was shiny!!!

Into Lush for the usual visit, I can’t go to a town that has a Lush store without going in, but I cant stay in there for more than 5 minutes, it smells amazing but so overpowering! Today I got myself a MMMMmelting Marshmellow Moment, cheap and cheerful but smells awesome.

Accessorize next, found something I had been thinking about on the train, I have trained myself into using a small bag, I usually carry around a handbag the size of a suitcase which fills with crap and hardly anything in there is of use. So I have this tiny little thing that is too small for a purse, voila, got myself a little coin purse which has slots for cards in it too, my life is about to become SO much easier!!

Hit up New Look on my way back to catch a train, usually a gamble, their “curves” range is very hit and miss, usually clothes that make me ashamed to be plus sized to be honest, but today I saw a skater dress that I had seen online and decided to get it, as I am always looking for new dresses for work, this will look good with flats or heels, so works quite well. Got to the til, half price. Happy days, glad I went for it now!

Quite enjoyed my trip, think it might have to wait until next month before I buy anything new again, but its good for you to have a splurge every now and then!





Good Week

This morning I may have been a bit mean. Let me state for the record I don’t do mornings very well. I’m much more of a night person. 
I have a colleague that gets the same train as me everyday and has gravitated to me and sits with me and walks to work with me, all chatty and all I want to do is hunker down with my coffee and some music and have some quiet time before work. So today I got the early train, for the sole purpose of getting some peace and quiet. It was glorious. I got to work in the best mood I’ve been in for weeks. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a nice enough person, I just get mansplained to an awful lot, for which I have little patience at the best of times. 
I have signed up for the first of the courses I mentioned last week today and I’m planning on using the time traveling to and from work to watch the course materials, so hopefully I can avoid morning chatter! 
I had a last minute catch up with my best friend last night. She sent me a message at half 4 suggesting our usual pub. I was insanely happy about this, I didn’t think I would miss her half as much as I have, I felt tearful just looking at her. We had a drink and dinner, it’s amazing just how at peace I felt after, like my soul was just so happy! We have some plans coming up which I really look forward to. 
I had a new experience this week, sort of. Following me reaching 500 followers on twitter I took a few pictures as a thank you, one of which included my ass in a thong. I was sent a DM by a man asking if he could buy the used thong. As I had only worn it for 5 minutes, we negotiated that I would wear it the next day and he would send me £25 for it. I’m open to new experiences so I agreed. Problem is that when trying to negotiate payment he went quiet. So nearly a new experience, but one I don’t mind, it’s nice to be wanted in some way! I even wore it while writing my porn blog so it would be extra juicy for him. Shame that it seems he didn’t want it after all, I put some real effort into it for him! I think it’s an avenue I might explore further, has anyone done anything similar, either buying or selling?

Much Ado About Porn pt2

Today I have selected “Threesomes” as my category. Now I know its going to be the least popular view but I am not interested in girl on girl. I have nothing against it, I am just all about the cock, I just don’t find women attractive. I have sorted by most viewed of all time and filtered for videos 20-30 minutes long. I am struck by how many of the videos are titled “mother and daughter”. Video I have selected is on Pornhub and runs for 21:48. Its called “Taylor gets a hot DP in a hot little miniskirt” if you want to play along.

  • starting with an interview this time.
  • ooh a leo.
  • she likes saying fucking
  • “GENTLEMEN! FUCK HER UP!” – best line I have ever heard in porn!
  • walking in and the cock is out already
  • these dudes are vocal
  • “oh yeah, suck the dick”
  • the microphone is waaaaaaaaaaaay to close to the guys
  • I kinda want her to vom
  • this is pretty cheesy, I think I may officially find sound in porn a turn off!
  • “suck the dick”
  • spanking the tits
  • whys he wrapped her top around his cock?
  • “open wide” yeah I think this dude might be a dentist, he says it every time its his turn
  • she’s on top of one now, he likes watching her suck the other one, he’s very encouraging
  • swapsies
  • DP time
  • slapping her face
  • choking.. I kinda like the choking.
  • I would have slapped this dude by now. Or gagged him, one of the two. or both.
  • I’m not going to lie, I really want to experience this, despite the sound being awful I am feeling super horny, I always liked the idea of being filled with cock, it almost needs a third to come in now, stick his cock down her throat and shut her up.
  • “Taste your pussy, yeah? now taste your ass”
  • I think she preferred her ass
  • she’s left her socks on, this is a role reversal
  • “that’s it!” he’s actually driving me mad!
  • position swap!
  • I want a hard fuck
  • and player 2 has entered the game
  • I wonder if they are going to swap holes, so far they have stayed in the same one
  • oh, spoke too soon
  • thank god, he’s put her panties in her mouth
  • she spat them out
  • in reality, would a threesome last all that long?
  • she’s incoherent
  • holy shit hes sweating like a pig, hes been lying there doing nothing!
  • i’m going to fuck your ass while you suck sweaty guys cock.
  • anal dude is married
  • the dentist is back
  • a cock and a finger in her ass?
  • I think she’s just a hole to these dudes at this point
  • i’m dripping, am I objective enough to do this?
  • he’s going to fuck her off the sofa, sex injury!
  • lots of position changing right now
  • ooh I like that position, knees by your ears
  • DP again
  • You know, I hate that moment, on your knees, mouth open, tongue out, waiting for them to cum.

And that’s it! I’ve just checked my twitter and seen that someone has suggested Glory Hole. I’ll have a look for one, after a quick break!

Ok, so I have found a short one, I am almost too horny to stand, so its only 8:21. Video is called “Riley Reid cheats on her bf with BBC – Gloryhole” – Seriously, The Chef, stop distracting me! 2 video messages…. you are forgiven. ok. lets get on with it.

  • Ok, she is arguing with her bf, that’s how we know she cheats!
  • shes “looking for a tie” but actually choosing porn videos.
  • quit calling me!
  • shes watching the porn
  • shes liking the porn, shes narrating!
  • “I wonder if my little pussy could fit a big black dick” – Honey, I think you are about to find out
  • Is this an American thing? rooms in the video shop to watch porn in?
  • The phone is ringing – poor girl got interrupted
  • big hand coming from a hole in the wall she didn’t notice, he likes her watching interracial porn
  • he’s playing with her tits through the hole, she’s sucking his finger
  • “are your hands even clean?”
  • I recognise his voice
  • “I’m clean I’m clean”
  • that’s a hot kiss
  • this girl likes saying naughty and calling him “mister”
  • and his cock comes through the bottom hole!
  • “Give it a kiss” I’m laughing now – he’s really trying the smooth talk, shes’s going for it though
  • to be fair, I couldn’t resist that cock either
  • Looks really suckable
  • she’s good at the deep throat!
  • rubbing her clit with his cock, looks absolutely hot!
  • the fucking phone is ringing again!
  • oh just fuck him!!!!
  • nooooo it finished! she finally agreed to fuck him too!
  • I want to find the full video!!

So that was unsatisfying! I now need to go find the rest of the video, because I was really enjoying that one!! Damn!


I genuinely think Tuesday is the worst day of the week. If you work Monday to Friday of course. My theory is that Monday is ok, you can catch up with people about the weekend, hear the gossip and ease yourself into the week. Wednesday is fine, hump day, get past the midway point and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Thursday kinda sucks but the plans start ramping up, the hype starts building, Friday, it’s here, however slowly it goes it’s going to end and (most weeks) there’s going to be a glass of something alcoholic waiting for you at the end. But Tuesday. Fucking Tuesday. Nothing interesting is happening because you heard about it yesterday, if it’s going to go wrong, it’s going to happen today (train derailment. On a Tuesday. Trains delayed even more than normal) Friday seems so far away at this point. 

Perhaps I just need a new job! 

So it’s been a shitter, but onwards and upwards. The boss is back tomorrow so that will be fun(!)

Perhaps Wednesdays suck too….

Much ado about porn

Tonight I thought I would experiment with my thought stream blogs and pick a porn video to narrate. My rules are simple. I must listen to the sound (something I never do when watching porn normally), the video must be more than 10 minutes long and I must choose something from my bucket list. I’m using my go-to porn site, pornhub, and choosing gangbang from the menu. The video I have chosen is called “Extremely Sexy Blonde VS The Cocksmen”, if anyone wants to play along.

I’m going to be so wet by the end of this!

  • Ok, volume was on max and headphones were in, nearly fell off my chair.
  • Straight into it though, none of this striptease malarkey (I always skip that)
  • slap slap slap slap
  • and NOW she takes her top off
  • 4 guys I think here, one seems to be roaming the background
  • ok, the top is around her waist.
  • She doesn’t seem to like this guy as much as the last, not quite as much moaning going on
  • she does have her mouthful to be fair
  • ooh an action shot from behind the current pounder
  • NOW THERE’S PICTURE IN PICTURE!! I feel like I am watching a sports game!
  • she seems to be enjoying herself
  • aaaand he’s finished, creampie, close up vag shot
  • good amount of cum, she doesn’t look… well..
  • has she prolapsed?
  • she is dripping this guys cum all over the table
  • ok, its actually quite hot watching that
  • ooh that dude is wearing a mask
  • and out of nowhere another cock appears
  • position change, she’s on all 4’s now.
  • PIP is back
  • he’s going for it!
  • another creampie
  • oooh spanking
  • Do men mind other men’s cum?
  • face fucking – nice
  • aww this guy cant get it up for trying, letting someone else take over for now
  • I’m pretty wet right now
  • I just want someone to touch her clit! Come on guys, get her off!!
  • this dudes ass is hairy
  • bit of tit squeezing, something I enjoy myself
  • this dudes stomach is making me laugh
  • she’s getting a drink, how considerate! and they are letting her clean up her spillage!
  • scene break!
  • I think she enjoys sucking cock

I have paused to talk about makeup for a minute (I know, but I am a girl!!) I see so many well made up women in porn, I would kill for their skills! How do they stop it from running? unless its a proper gagging scene, in which case it needs to, it always looks so perfect… #makeupgoals

  • I think she has a cold
  • Is this just going to be a minute of cum soaked vag?
  • no, finishing off a BJ, cum bubbles!
  • Aww they poor guy that couldn’t get it up was still trying as they finished up.

That wasn’t quite long enough, I’ll choose another. Oooh I need to add gloryhole to my bucket list. How about this one, “Stella Cox gets DPd by big black cocks”.

  • oh this requires “acting” – does this really turn people on?
  • So the premise is that she’s a visitor (I think) in a prison, there are 4 guys in orange jumpsuits and the warning siren is going off in the background. I hope that stops.
  • spanking… nice
  • who wears stockings to a prison?
  • I like her hair
  • she’s stopping the resistance
  • Wow! Fucking her ass with a finger straight off!
  • spitting in her mouth
  • hmm, that escalated quickly, sudden jumps in porn confuse me
  • I want my ass to be that red
  • Wow that’s a hard ass fuck. literally. But come on, take your sunglasses off!!!
  • There is an awful lot of tits hanging out in porn, just take the bra off!
  • ooh that’s a big cock, I would like to try deep throating that
  • gagging on cum, nice!
  • why do men find it so attractive when we gag?
  • this is rough, I really like this!
  • she’s definitely enjoying this, I would be
  • I think she may be an anal pro
  • he’s still got the sunglasses on
  • Are sunglasses the porn equivalent of socks?
  • aww man! 5 seconds of DP!
  • Interview, interviewing the actors, does this normally happen after porn?!

So that’s 2 videos down, I’m not going to lie, I am pretty turned on and enjoyed watching. Its weird the things that run through your head if you are watching more than to just get off. I think the siren in the 2nd video stopped, I don’t remember hearing it anymore. I do like porn, I like a variety and group has been a favourite of mine for years. To take on that many cocks at once looks like a challenge but its something I would like to work up to if I am lucky enough.



Playing the Game

Tonight I would like to write about gaming. It’s something I have loved since I was a little girl, I had a handheld Walkman with a tetris game on the front of it. I bloody loved that thing, I took it everywhere. Of course, the batteries would run out so often I couldn’t ever keep a high score going.

I had a Gameboy after that. I was gutted when I lost Kirby’s Dreamland, I think it was down the back of a sofa that my dad took to the dump, such fond memories. My go to game though was Zelda – Links Awakening. I could complete that game in a few hours, without dying. I knew the right order for the trading game, I spent SO MUCH TIME harvesting rupees and seashells, of course I knew where all of them were too. I bought a Gameboy about a year ago so I could play the game again, as soon as it arrived I put the cartridge in (after blowing on it, of course) and let it load. The music.. oh the music, it did something to my soul to hear that again. I spent an hour or so playing and put it down to go to bed. When I picked it up the next day it started me back at the beginning again. Turns out the battery inside the cartridge had died and could no longer retain game saves.

I had an operation when I was in year 9 to fix my mouth, it wasn’t big enough to fit all my teeth in so I had to have my jaw broken and an adjustable brace installed. It was horrific. On the way home my dad stopped at (I think) Dixons, and bought me a playstation and some games. I. GOT. SPYRO. My childhood was made at this point, I did the same with this one as I did with Zelda, I could complete in one day, 100%, no deaths. I think I managed this with the next few too!

I have had many a favourite game over the years, I loved Burnout for PS2, I have been a massive fan of The Sims on PC, all the GTA games, The Simpsons games, Southpark. I think the difficulty is that I have a really bad memory, so there are probably loads I am forgetting! These are some standout games for me.

My first delve into MMORPG’s was because of a guy I had a massive crush on. It was Final Fantasy XI, I was a White Mage and played constantly, my love for the game lasted way longer than my crush on the boy. Because of this game I went to America for the first time with a guy I met on the game, to meet another person we had met. After a while the love for the game did wear off, it was taking forever to level up and find parties, so I moved onto other things. About 5 years ago I picked the game up again after hooking up my old PC to retrieve some music from it, listening to Third World – Now that we found love. It was a long remix and had reminded me of  levelling up in a jungle area. It got my heart aching to go back, I could still remember where I was when I last logged out. I decided that IF I could remember my username and password to get onto the playonline software, I would reactivate and play again. Got it in one. Going back was a whole new experience, I was straight into a linkshell and met some people that I still talk to now, made really close friendships with a few guys that I flew out to Kansas to meet and stay with for 2 weeks, 2 of the best weeks ever! I got so much out of that game and I am on the edge of getting back on, I’ve been avoiding the game because of someone that I used to be close to changing into someone I didn’t want to associate with. However I don’t think the game is going to be around forever and I don’t want to miss my chance to play one more time, I still have to build Mjolnir, don’t you know?!

More recently I have been into minecraft, man that game sucks the life out of you, such a solid time sink, I enjoy it though, its fun to create these things, I have a couple of people on a server that I play with, so you have the element of social play too. My latest base is under the ocean and after discovering how to make paintings is a rather classy joint! I have a PS4 and have realised I totally jumped the gun… Bioshock.. What a game that was, I had that on the Xbox 360, without trying to ruin for anyone that hasn’t played yet, when the twist comes I called my friend who had recommended the game to me. His response “Look, its 2am, go to sleep and we will talk at work tomorrow”. Ooops. It was gripping though, finding out they remastered all 3 games for PS4 was a good day. I can see it from where I am sat and it will always remain in my top 5 favourite games. Bioshock 2 was amazing too, I couldn’t get into Infinite, I will be trying though.

I think the most stand out game for me recently though has been The Witcher 3. Fuck me, all it took was a video of the water and some screenshots and I was running to the nearest game shop to buy it. I love a game that looks good, and with TW3 the achieved this and more, its just so stunning, the storyline is clever and engaging (so much so my gamer friend was playing it and his completely non gamer girlfriend was watching him and actually getting angry if he played and she wasn’t there) I love the decision making aspect, the multiple endings (I got the good one without a game guide – ner ner ner ner) I have been trying to play Zero Dawn: Horizon, but after a few hours my mother got control and hasn’t relinquished it yet, I found that another beautiful game and I was enjoying the story. I didn’t get too far in so no spoilers please!

Anybody have something to recommend me? Let me know!

A Challenge

I’ll admit the challenges I usually do are ones involving wearing kegal balls to work, or having an orgasm at work or sending pictures of my tits from different places, however The Chef has sent me a message today about yesterday’s blog, wanting to know more about my music taste and playlists. I sent him a message to say that I was thinking about doing a random 10 songs from my library, writing about why I like them and if there are any associated memories. He has also challenged me to say the year and an important event from that year. I am also going to add my favourite line from the song. I am going to reject anything that’s “filler” from a soundtrack. So let’s go.


  1. David Gray – White Ladder – 1998.

I don’t think this song was ever released, it was the title of the album, I remember listening to this album a lot when I was playing Spyro on the playstation,

Favourite Lyric – “There’s no rhyme or reason to love this sweet sweet love”

1998 – DVD’s were released for the first time in June of 1998


2. Nelly Furtado & Timbaland – Promiscuous Girl – 2005

Wow I forgot how much I loved this song! This reminds me of going out drinking and all the girls going mad in the local club.

Favourite Lyric – “I’m out of this world, come with me to my planet, get you on my level, do you think you could handle it?”

2005 – YouTube was founded


3. Electric Light Orchestra – I’m Alive – 1980

Oh this is from one of my all time favourite films, Xanadu. I was OBSESSED with this film when I was a child, I remember my Nan bought me a copy on video for Easter one year. Who wouldn’t like a roller disco musical film with Olivia Newton John in it?! This is one of my absolute favourite soundtracks of all time too, I love each and every song on it.

Favourite Lyric – “Seems like forever (and a day), thought I could never (feel this way)
Is this really me? I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive”

1980 – Post-It notes were introduced to the American Market


4. Gnarls Barkley – The Boogie Monster – 2006

This album was so random, I really loved it though, this song is so funky and I can’t help singing along when I hear it, I always laugh at my favourite lyric. I love this album, I need to listen to it again properly.

Favourite Lyric – Only thing that’ll bring me back alive woman, is some good good head”

2006 – The Wii was released.


5. Frankie Goes to Hollywood – The Power of Love – 1984

*sigh* I’m so in love with this song. I can always imagine some really intense love-making going on with this song playing in the background. I know it’s generally only heard around Christmas, due to its biblical video, but this is an all year rounder for me.

Favourite Lyric – “Flame on burn desire, love with tongues of fire, purge the soul”

1984 – The original Apple Macintosh personal computer went on sale


6. The Carpenters – Solitaire – 1975

I love Karen Carpenters voice, love love love it, if I could sing like her it would be the best thing, she had such a beautiful range. I hate how tragically her life ended. I love this song, it’s so simple and sad.

Favourite Lyric – “And keeping to himself he plays the game, Without her love it always ends the same”

1975 – The UK implements the Sex Discrimination and Equal Pay Act


7. Nirvana – In Bloom – 1991

I love the album “Nevermind”, I remember being about 11 and my godfather driving my parents and me into town from the village I grew up in. I expressed a liking for the music he was playing, he was so proud he gave me a £20 note and told me to go and buy it. A few years later I stuck a passport sized photo of my dad’s face over the baby on the cover. I still have that CD somewhere, one of the few I have kept since everything has gone digital.

Favourite Lyric – “And he likes to shoot his gun, but he don’t know what it means”

1991 – Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the band Queen, issues a public statement confirming that he is stricken with AIDS, and the next day he dies of complications


8. The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist – 2000

My god this is a weird track. The video was mesmerizing, the song completely left my brain for a good few years, then about 3 years ago it was on a music channel, me and my mother just looked at each other, reached for our phones and downloaded it.

Favourite Lyric – “You’re a nut! You’re crazy in the coconut!”

2000 – The UK fuel protests take place.


9. Staind – Outside – 2001

Oh my god a throwback to my emo days, another album I was absolutely in love with. I still really like this song. It just reminds me of when I moved to Salisbury, painting my bedroom and missing my old home. Trying to find an excuse to go somewhere so I could sneak a cigarette. Good times.

Favourite Lyric – “But I feel, tomorrow will be okay”

2001 – Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was released.


10. Lifehouse – All In – 2008

This is my favourite band and this song is from one of my favourite of their albums. Not all that popular in the UK, I have been able to see them 3 times, each show absolutely outstanding. This is one of their more high energy songs and gives me a boost when I need it. It also makes me chuckle because of the lyric below, when I was a kid we had this game called “The Game” the object of the game was to forget the game. Damn it, I lost again. You just lost too. Sorry.

Favourite Lyrics – “And now I’m calling, calling out your name, even if I lose the game, I’m all in”

2008 – The year of the Hollywood writers strikes.


I think I want to do more!

11. Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline – 1969

I have never been in a room when this is playing and not had the majority singing along. One of them songs that can unite people in a way not much can.

Favourite Lyrics –  “Touchin’ me, touchin’ you”

1969 – “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”


12. Ne-Yo – Closer – 2007

Ahh this song reminds me of my old fuck buddy. He used to work in the only nightclub in my town and used to give me a lift home after his shift. For sex of course. I remember this song playing when he came up to me one night, and he kissed me. I think that was the first time he kissed me in public, so its always stuck in my mind.

Favourite Lyric – “She’s the sweetest taste of sin, the more I get the more I want”

2007 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published.


13. Limp Bizkit – Faith – 1998

Oh my god, ok, so I usually HATE covers. but this one is one of the few that I really like! Its different enough to stand on its own. If you are curious, a few others that break my rule are Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah, Scissor Sisters cover of Comfortably Numb and that’s all I can really think of off the top of my head.

Favourite Lyric – “Need some time off from that emotion, time to pick my heart up off the floor ”

1998 – Digital Terrestrial Television Service launched in the UK


14. Ash – Shining Light – 2001

I really like this song, I think its romantic without pandering. It always makes me smile, even though it’s never really reminded me of anything!

Favourite Lyrics – “Of force are a force you are a constant source”

2001 – September 11. Senseless tragedy.


15. Sam Phillips – Reflecting Light – 2004

From the Gilmore Girls, I just fell in love with this song. It’s on repeat a lot at the moment, my thinking song. I love all the lyrics, I love the tempo, I love the tune.

Favourite Lyrics – “I’m on my knees in fascination”

2004 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban came out.


I could do this all night, I’m not going to lie, but I am also not going to bore you, if I can help it!




Restless Soul

Today has been one of those days where I haven’t been able to settle. I have been at work, doing the same old shit that I do day in day out. You can set your clock by my routine. 11am everyday I go for a smoke break. Today when I mentioned to my friend I was restless he asked what I wanted to do more than anything else in that moment. I said Write, and I meant it. I wanted to be exactly where I am right now, listening to music and the sound of the keys clacking. My music is a bit of a weird one, I have an old iPod in a docking station, I need to get an adapter so I can put my phone on it, but I just haven’t had the inclination. This iPod is limited in terms of what I have on it, a playlist I built to fall asleep to, the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, the Love Never Dies soundrack and some of my favourite show tunes. Oh and Lifehouse, always Lifehouse.


I spend a lot of time building playlists, probably more time than I spend actually listening to them! Last year I built a playlist of songs for my 30th birthday party, I spent SO LONG on this playlist, picturing us all sat around the garden, singing along to 90’s pop, rock and some 80’s for good measure. I cant remember a single song playing.


I am getting quite frustrated with writing on my phone, I have an old netbook somewhere that I am thinking about wiping and taking to work with me, so when I am on lunch I can sit and get the words out of me, I have to work out if I can tether my phone to it well enough to get some internet so I can post, I have so many messages on the dating site that require a proper, lengthy response, but I just don’t have the willpower to sit and type it on my phone. I could always do it on my iPad, but really its still the same problem!


Discovered today that through my benefits system at work I can take courses in subjects and get a diploma at the end of it. There is one called “Blogging and Content Marketing” that looks quite interesting, also one called “Social Media Marketing”. I think both of them could be helpful, especially if I decide that I want to try and make something of this blog. Whilst I know that I set this up to be a place to discuss and verbalise my journey, I am beginning to realise this, to me, is becoming a lot more. There is also a diploma in Personal Beauty, which I am thinking could be a good idea, as I have never really got the hang of this “girl” thing. Right now I would rather have the extra 30 minutes in bed than get up and put makeup on, despite having SO MUCH MAKEUP! I swear its a compulsion to me, I just cant help buying it!


I am thinking about getting some new pictures tomorrow, I realise I have been lacking on the photo front this week, I promise to do better!


Dogging. It’s an activity that has always been a curiosity. In principle I love the idea, I’m a fan of the way it plays out in my head. I like the idea of being blindfolded and left bending over a car bonnet, waiting for people to come and take advantage. Now, I’m no stranger to car sex, the Gentleman and I had a fun afternoon parked up in his car, my former fuck buddy and I probably fucked in/on his car more than we did a bed, so the idea doesn’t repel me, for sure! 
My only concern is that up until now, my search has been exclusively for someone I have chemistry with. I need to work on being less fussy, or else my bucket list is going to be untouched forever. Baring in mind I want to be the only woman in a bunch of men, the chances of finding, what, 5-6 guys that I find attractive, want to participate and find me attractive enough to do so, are quite slim! 
I was discussing this with M last night who suggested rocking up and watching to start with, which is a great idea, but I couldn’t go alone. Firstly I don’t drive, so that makes it infinitely harder, also I guess I wouldn’t trust that I would be safe. Anyone have any experience in this area that would care to share? 


According to WordPress, I have now been posting on here for a month, I wanted to start today by thanking each and every one of you that has ever read this blog. Without you I wouldn’t have the faith in myself to keep writing, it means more than I can say.


Today I spent some time with a friend on my lunch break, distracting him from writing his review and reading him some messages and giving him a live version of my blog. He found it hilarious, possibly because he gets my humour more than most people I know. Its with his urging that I am going to do round 4 of my message reading. If you are getting bored of these posts please let me know, don’t be shy! I’m going to go from newest to oldest today, I posted a diary this afternoon about how cold I was (my twitter followers also got the same message) and as a result I currently have 74 unread messages, not including the ones I read while on my way home. Its going to be a slog tonight!

  • Ha! This guy doesn’t like winks either. Too far away though, which seems to be true for most guys calling themselves a Dom.
  • I think this bellybutton is huge, gaping.. its freaking me out
  • why do guys always seem to describe themselves as cheeky? All that means to me is that you are going to be asking for nudes within 5 messages. nope.
  • This guy is nice but I am not feeling a spark, happy to chat to him but it wont be going further, I have now said this and I hope it doesn’t offend him.
  • If the only thing that appeals to you is my boobs I don’t think I want to talk.
  • oooh this guy unblocked me! I sent a “not interested” response to him as his entire profile was in text speak, I just cant deal with that, it gives me a headache! He came straight back to my response saying “if you don’t like black men write WHITES ONLY on your profile”. Baring in mind I have absolutely no racist bone in my body (The Gentleman is black) this really pissed me off. I went to respond and he blocked me! – Rejected.
  • It’s D again. I like this guy, I already have his name picked out for posts if we meet!
  • A really lame attempt at being funny. Out of my age range. Nope.
  • Angry cock guy is back, despite the distance. Would a man really travel from Manchester to Salisbury to get laid?!
  • This guys dick looks like a stick on dildo.
  • “I love hard nipples” and I cannot lie…
  • This guy is into older woman, but I am 2 years younger. Looks like the sort of guy that would describe himself as cheeky.
  • This is someone I was talking to before I deleted my old profile, he has a picture of a long ladder on his profile. I remember asking him a lot about the ladder. I wonder if he realises its me…I remember liking his face.
  • M! always a pleasure to see you in my inbox! I may just graduate you to text…
  • *Smoke Break*
  • *retch* “Mmmmmmmm seeing pokies really turns me on”
  • A really long message. With my name in it. Hmm. Replying.
  • M replied! Distracting me from my inbox, shame on you 😉
  • Another “Cheeky”!
  • This one wants to hang his coat on my nipples.
  • Boring
  • Boring… a string of boring.

Must go, getting close to sleep time! Another fun evening, hopefully I will be inspired enough to write you all a proper post tomorrow!