Tuesday Night Bonus Post!

My impression is that people are enjoying the insight into a woman’s brain, so I’m going to let you all in on round 3! 49 messages unread, plus a few that I have read and responded to throughout the day, so its a long slog, I’ll ty to only blog the interesting/funny ones.


  • I think I might tally the boob comments I get, my profile picture is the same as the one here, so I understand that that is all they have to compliment me on, still…
  • Ok, its official, I am a Sexi Princess. My lifelong ambition has been fulfilled!
  • Do I like big cocks? Hmm…
  • How do you say that I liked you, but now I don’t, without sounding like a bitch?
  • Do I like a younger man? 22. I would squash you like a bug.
  • Ooh Devon, a stones throw from Cornwall…
  • hmm, looks ok but I just can’t deal with really skinny guys! Where are all the dad bods at?!
  • Hello again A! Thanks for reading!
  • I think this guy (who wants me to make an old man happy) low key just asked me to an orgy.
  • *WARNING  – BITCH MOMENT* I looked at a profile, probably because of a diary, and now I have a “Did you like what you saw” message. No. I did not. Last time this happened I sent a record 15 “not interested” messages before blocking the guy.
  • I asked this guy what site he was on (as all profiles from a lot of different “hooks” seem to end up in the same place, he’s said POF. That’s weird. I didn’t know that fed onto here
  • Quizzing M on dogging now, never known how it works really. This dude is awesome!
  • No, you cant tempt me to chat, waaaaay outside my age range
  • go home, roger! (points if you get the reference)
  • seriously, FILL IN YOUR PROFILE!
  • what does “sponsor a meeting mean”?! Is this another orgy invite?
  • how does one know if ones tits taste as good as they look?! Oh no, its Mr Kind eyes from yesterday! strike one..
  • THIS DUDES COCK IS HUGE! I swear its reaching his knee! Jesus, how do you have enough blood in your body to power that thing?! Cheesy message though.
  • I’m curious to know if this guy has a face, or is just a floating chin and chest. I think he is proud of his chest. Fair play to him.
  • A gym bunny. I have absolutely nothing against them, they just make me feel so lazy!! This guy wanted to meet today/tonight… oops! Sorry Bunny Man!
  • I must be hunting for treasure, because I am digging that chest. need I say more?
  • Oh I have reached the “read and move on” section. Nothing much interesting here.
  • I spoke too soon, this one is interesting. Good interesting. He gets a response.
  • Oh god I went from promising to vomit inducing. 

Having to stop now as my laptop has forgotten how to connect to the internet! Until tomorrow! 

From Russia with love…

Last night I received a message on my dating app which was a story/scenario detailing a random meet up and how it all plays out. 
Now, don’t get me wrong, I love erotic fiction, but there’s a time and a place for me. This dating site allows you to send a group message to everyone in a certain radius, it’s hardly personal and I’m on this site to meet people. Anytime I get a message that looks like a group one I don’t respond, I’m not in this for a faceless fuck, yet, I like to get to know people and know that they are interested in me, not just my tits and other body parts! 
Man I sound negative today, I need to snap out of this funk! 

Checking my messages

This evening I shall be repeating my post from yesterday, by sharing my thoughts as I go through my messages. I posted a diary on the website yesterday expressing how I was unable to get inspiration to continue writing my short story and that I was feeling a bit lonely, so some messages will refer to this.


I haven’t been getting many opportunities to check my account while I have been out and about lately, so its a once a day thing, other than when I pop on and see something interesting. First thing I do is delete the winks and favourites. I am one of those who see it pointless, so I don’t look at them, but as they get in the way of messages sometimes I like to get them out of my way.¬†This leaves me with 42 messages. A couple have been marked as read already, as I saw a couple earlier that intrigued me. So oldest message to newest, lets go!


  • Did I enjoy the view? Oh! this is someone that posted a diary asking if he was ugly. no face pics, couldn’t judge, moved on.
  • Heyyyyyy – no
  • what does “separated” mean, anyway? divorce pending? no info on profile but have asked for more, looks like an ok guy
  • another one I remember from before, just a message of support, I’ll say thank you, as its nice he took the time.
  • hmm lots of different angles to his cockshots, I think he’s proud of it, looks a bit angry to me (can a cock look angry?!) lives a long way away, he knows it, just wanted to express admiration. Sweet.
  • what am I looking for? another one that doesn’t read a profile. I have read his, just looking for one night stands and lives 100 miles away. nah.
  • *sigh* already sent the not interested response on this one, maybe second time’s the charm
  • “why is a sexy woman like you lonely” – Because that’s the luck of the draw, sweetcheeks.
  • damn, this one looks quite nice, 251 miles away though. nope.
  • I like this one, he asked about my writing and has read my blog now (Hey M!) I’ll just respond to this one
  • hmm, challenge accepted, I’ll send this one a link to the blog.
  • “Love ur tits send ur number” – 666
  • ooh another writer! I’ll respond to him, he’s paid attention.
  • do I want to watch him wank his hard throbbing… nah, good mate, cheers!
  • this next guy wants wild sex with a fit girl.. that’s just not me.
  • I cant put my finger on what I don’t like about this guy, I’m moving on
  • Apparently I need a young man to play with – I’ll settle for a man. Not you though.
  • I just laughed out loud, this man messaged me last night asking what I blog about, I sent him the link and he seems to have liked it, not having much exposure to blogging. (Hey D!) replying here.
  • another guy that likes my tits. I’m thinking of starting a fan club.
  • this one is rather interesting, nice message! replying.
  • I think I am going to write a separate blog about this kind of message, its a story, a scenario.
  • This one wants to go for a drink but hasn’t filled much in, asked for more info.
  • The next gentleman wants to inspire my story further. Its inside me waiting to come out, its a real story, so needs no inspiration.
  • ooooh this guy likes adult breastfeeding. Each to their own, I would never judge someone for their kinks, but that is not one for me. Politely declining.
  • Its one of my old favourites! I really respect this guy, his profile is top notch and his pictures are hot as hell! Replying.
  • *just interjecting – David Bowie – As the world falls down is playing. One of my all time favourites*
  • Ahh S, a reply here.
  • unhappily married. Nope.
  • ooh this guy has kind eyes. I’ll say hi

Realised its running quite long, I would like to go to bed! More tomorrow. Comments always welcome, if anyone wants ūüôā



So I have got the laptop out today and I am going through my messages on the dating site I joined. I have decided to write my thoughts as I go through and give you some input on how my brain works. This might be easier with bullet points….


  • “Mmmmmmm” – yeah, how about no, that just makes me feel unclean
  • “better now I have heard from you” – vom
  • this one looks ok, although he lives quite a way away.. bit too “fit” – might move on
  • next profile is empty apart from an about me that says “come and say hello” – no
  • what does it mean when someone says “professional”?!, hit man, office worker, manwhore? – out of my age range. No.
  • either he’s at a weird angle or his nipples are very uneven. not chunky enough – next
  • interesting looking cock, stumpy but thick, 18?! toooooo young. also face pic looks a bit psychotic
  • 2 guys in a row calling me sexy.. I have a name!! Reject – reject
  • oops, had been chatting to this guy and forgot to reply
  • has a partner – nope
  • just an “x” as a message.. I’m so hot for you *eyes rolling*
  • married – nope
  • oooh this one I blocked the last time I was on here, I don’t think he remembers me… “I get turned on just looking at u, can I cum fuck u please” – well, at least you said please….. no
  • I do not understand this message – no
  • “hey, what brings you here” ummmm I have a profile – read it Mrmystery (I wish I was kidding)
  • Been chatting to this one, seems ok, not overwhelmed so far though, I’ll keep pushing through
  • oooh ooooh oooh this is the guy I like, message message message!!!
  • yes, big boobs are awesome
  • no skype, no dirty chat, I want actual contact!! 340 miles away – nope
  • hmm, you are another one I can’t make my mind up on…
  • how hard is it to fill in a profile, really?!
  • eugh don’t send me a message and put the whole text in the subject line, that’s just lazy
  • I’m automatically suspicious if the relationship status is not filled in, makes me think you are trying to hide something.

So there’s some insight for you. Looking back over it i think i’m a bit picky, maybe a bit too quick to dismiss, but I am a believer in instinct and gut feeling! Anyone agree, or think i have been too harsh? Let me know in the comments ūüôā

Happy Friday! 

A late and short post tonight, out celebrating my best friend leaving our company, she’s onto much better things!! 
I think I’m going to be withdrawn drunk tonight, it’s the danger of being out with people infinitely hotter than you are. It’s not a conscious choice, I just find in a bigger group I have less to say, it’s hard to be relevant. 
Happy Friday everyone, hope our weekends are full of joy! 


When you have a vivid imagination I think it’s difficult to get through the day without having at least one “JD Moment”. If you’ve never seen scrubs (umm, why?!) the main character, JD, is quite the daydreamer, often imagining funny scenarios involving other doctors, nurses, patients or others, usually with his head cocked to one side and ending his daydreaming with a line that makes no sense to anyone around him. 
I experience a fair few of these moments, mine are usually pornographic, either based on porn I have seen or fantasies I have had, sometimes recalling encounters but imagining them in different ways. 
I think having such a vivid imagination makes sexting so much easier, I’ve never been one for talking dirty on the phone, much rather have text or type based. I might spend some time researching tonight, I’m wondering if a web based sex line exists and how popular it is, not a cam chat but purely sexting. Possibly with pictures. Might be able to make some money with my imagination. 

Rainy Day

One of the most dramatic kisses I ever had was in the rain. I was in Weston-Super-Mare with my new boyfriend, meeting his family and we split off for a few hours to have a look around. Looking back on the pictures I can see the storm clouds looming in the distance. I had never seen rain like it, it was truly torrential. We stopped in a shop and got an umbrella as it had started spitting, when it truly came down we couldn’t find shelter, so we huddled up against a wall under this weak ass umbrella, both of us holding on. He gave up and pinned me against the wall, kissing me with all his might. We got drenched, of course, the water was running down the wall and we didn’t notice. 
I like a touch of the dramatic, I can imagine sex in a torrential downpour would be amazing, slippery and primal. 
Probably catch a cold though. 

Social media 

Social media is a minefield these days. I think I have been around for almost all of it, I remember being asked if I was on Facebook before it was available in the U.K., I think it was still only available to university students still, which was a long time ago. 
I’ve had a MySpace (hacked into my old profile a few years back and realised just how cringe I was back then) I have Facebook, LinkedIn is one I haven’t tried yet, I remember such hype about google+ being the last word in social media, a genuine rival for most platforms out there. I remember being desperate to try it, signing up as soon as I could… it sucked! I’ve had a twitter account for years but am only just working out how to use it, over 300 followers now and growing daily, all since I set up this blog.
Messaging wise you have kik, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, iMessage and more, the named ones I use to a degree. What I’m just figuring out is how to use them to get myself and my adventures out there. I think I’m going to add Snapchat to my posting ritual. There is difficulty in this, as I will not be revealing my face, but like with everything else, I’m sure I’ll find a way around it. I want to be more visual and this could lead into further adventures. 


There’s a certain difficulty that comes with being imperfect in a world where perfection is required, being of an acquired taste makes it difficult to find a partner. 
I think all I have ever wanted is to be wanted for me, I remember sleeping with one guy, totally not my type but made me laugh and had *something* about him, but he was only interested in me because he had a fat fetish. He would grope at my stomach while we were having sex, which at the time bemused me, on reflection just makes me feel sick. 
I am happy as I am, I spent a lot of time dedicated to fitness and health last year, training for tough mudder, but I was miserable. I need to find a middle ground between fat and happy and having some level of health. The changes I need to make are for me, not for the benefit of anyone else. 
So where to find a man who likes big tits, filthy humour, a big ass and a high sex drive. On paper it sounds easy doesn’t it? I think people could tell me I’m too fussy, perhaps that’s so, I do have a certain type that I like and it takes an impressive impact for me to deviate. 


Sometimes I wonder if I have become desensitised to cock.


Don’t get me wrong, its still my favourite thing, I am not switching sides, I have just seen so many lately.


Not in the flesh, believe me the posts would be more interesting if I had! I have 45 unread messages on a site where you are more likely to have a dick pic as a profile photo than a picture of someones face and its getting to the point (haha, point) where they all look the same.. I don’t like it!


Perhaps I should join a more vanilla website, perhaps I should just man up and get on with it, all I know is that I am losing my desire to look at cock all the time!